Lobe and Gear Pumps

GormanRuppLogoGorman-Rupp rotary gear pumps are designed to provide performance no other gear pumps can match. Available in medium duty, heavy duty and extreme duty models - in cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. This series of pumps is versatile enough to handle virtually any pump application and liquid type. Patented features enable our rotary gear pumps to perform better and last longer in countless applications, providing quality and reliability that makes them the premier gear pumps in the industry.

Internal gear pumps are exceptionally versatile. While they are often used on thin liquids such as solvents and fuel oil, they excel at efficiently pumping thick liquids such as asphalt, chocolate, and adhesives. The useful viscosity range of an internal gear pump is from 1cSt to over 400,000cSt.

In addition to their wide viscosity range, the pump has a wide temperature range as well, handling liquids up to 675 deg F. The internal gear pump is non-pulsing, self-priming, and can run dry for short periods. They're also bi-rotational, meaning that the same pump can be used to load and unload vessels. Because internal gear pumps have only two moving parts, they are reliable, simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

External Gear Pump

RoperLogoExternal Helical Gear Pumps are a core product for the Roper Pump Company. Today's product line is the result of Roper's long history and ongoing quest to solve customer's fluid handling problems.

Roper features a complete line of helical gear pumps for the Industrial, Transport and Oil and Gas marketplace. The broad capabilities of the Roper Product-line from the workhorse 3600 and A series through a wide variety of Bulk Liquid Handling, High Pressure and Severe Duty Pumps guarantee the application specific answer for the customer's fluid handling needs.

All Roper Gear Pump product is backed by Roper's expert technical support and customer service dedicated to getting the right pump at an economical price for every application.

LobeeLogoLobee offers a broad range of rotary gear pumps which are available in Stainless Steel, Bronze and Cast Iron. Sizes from 1/8" to 2" NPT ported and flows to 90 GPM. Working pressures to 150 PSI continuous, 200 PSI intermittent. Shaft seals include mechanical, lip and packing.

Lobe Pump

WaukeshaLogoWaukesha Wing and Lobe pumps are used in a variety of industries including, pulp and paper, chemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology. They are popular in these diverse industries because they offer superb sanitary qualities, high efficiency, reliability, corrosion resistance, and good clean-in-place and sterilize-in-place (CIP/SIP) characteristics.

Waukesha pumps offer a variety of lobe options including single, bi-wing(shown), tri-lobe, and multi-lobe. Rotary lobe pumps are non-contacting and have large pumping chambers, allowing them to handle solids such as cherries or olives without damage. They are also used to handle slurries, pastes, and a wide variety of other liquids. If wetted, they offer self-priming performance. A gentle pumping action minimizes product degradation. They also offer reversible flows and can operate dry for long periods of time. Flow is relatively independent of changes in process pressure, so output is constant and continuous.

Waukesha rotary lobe pumps range from industrial designs to sanitary designs. The sanitary designs break down further depending on the service and specific sanitary requirements. These requirements include 3-A, EHEDG, and USDA.