Cross pump Main Office at 5014 Raven Drive

Take your best route to Interstate 77 towards Charleston, WV.
Take exit 96 (Belle exit, Route 60, Midland Trail).
Follow this exit through the first stoplight.
After the light you will see a sign that says, "Malden - Rand 1/2 mile"
Take the "Malden - Rand" exit, which ends in a large intersection.
Turn left, following the main flow of traffic, and proceed for about 1 mile.
Look for hardware store called Chemical Valley Lumber on your right.
The street immediately after Chemical Valley Lumber is Bluefield Avenue.
Turn right onto Bluefield Avenue.
Go in two blocks and turn right onto Raven Drive.
Cross Pump is on your right at 5014 Raven Drive.
Look for a white building with the name on the front and a chain link fence around a gravel lot.

Mailing Address 
P.O. Box 889
Charleston, WV 25323
[email protected]

5014 Raven Drive
Charleston, WV 25306
P: (304) 925-2116
F: (304) 921-9111

Fabrication Division
4803 Cardinal Drive
Charleston, WV 25306
P: (304) 925-3759